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Heroic City
5 days   4 nights



Reception and transfer to the selected hotel.

09:00 We begin with the memory in the hotel to start the tour of the city we will visit the civic center, there we will find the statue of the woman, the paper in the war with Chile, and the parabolic arch instead of honoring the fallen heroes in the war of the pacific, entirely in pink stone of stonework, in both sides are our heroes Miguel Ángel, the campaign of the woman and Francisco Bolognesi, the hero of the terrestrial campaign, next, we show them the cathedral, whose architectonic plan is of Renaissance neo style. Its construction lasted 79 years. Another element that is observed in this set is the ornamental pile, decorated on the first level by 4 Greek gods, and on the second level by 4 children holding hands symbol of peace and union, was brought from Brussels, Belgium, by the Gustavo Eifel construction, entirely built in metal. Then we went to the Alameda Bolognesi to observe the Botanical Garden, located in the first block of the Bolognesi Alameda, channeled underground, it crosses the Caplina River, by this way we will go to the park of the locomotive Nro 3, which will transport The soldiers during the war of the Pacific, between the cities of Tacna and Arica, then we went to the mosque where we observed its construction that identifies the Muslim community, we entered to know its interior, here in Tacna the largest number of Pakistanis is concentrated who take care of their identity. Next we will visit the commercial zone (Mercadillos) of products imported from ZOFRA TACNA, where you will be able to know the characteristics of each street market for the sale of these imported products, such as the Bolognesi Market, 28 de Julio Street Market, Coronel Mendoza Street Market. After visiting these shopping centers, you decide if you return to your hotel.




09:00 Panoramic double-decker bus ride through the Historical Center to see the cathedral built in Piedra de Cantera, whose original plans were designed by Gustavo Eifel, a neo-Renaissance construction, inaugurated almost 79 years after construction began. the Ornamental Fountain is one of the oldest icons of the Civic Walk, brought from Brussels, the Parabolic Arch, built in honor of the fallen heroes in the war of the Pacific, you will know the Railway Museum where you will find English-style locomotives some of them 1857, The mosque religious site of the Muslim community, In the countryside you visit a vineyard of the wine and pisco route, inside it is a winery make the tasting of macerated fruit, and tasting good wines and piscos prepared.

 Artisan, you will know the archaeological complex of petroglyphs of Miculla, ancestral writings on stones, you will live emotions when crossing a 65 meter suspension bridge, and you will know the thermal spa of Calientes whose pools of thermal waters have temperatures of 40, 38, 36 degrees. Return to the Hotel.



09:00 Take this Tour is undoubtedly connect with the historical past of Tacna and Peru, is to remember the period of captivity of the almost 50 years that Tacna was held by the Country of Chile, during the War of the Pacific. The Tour will take you to know the following historical icons: The Legal House where the act of reincorporation was signed and officially handed Tacna to the Patrio floor, will know Municipal Theater at the time of the Battle and occupation of Chile was used as a Campaign hospital , enter the Railway Museum, In whose carriages the soldiers were moved between Tacna and Arica, CAMPO DE LA ALIANZA, scene of the Battle of Alto de la Alianza, between the Allied army made up of the PERU-Bolivia squads and the Chilean army and On May 26, 1880, here you will see the weapons museum, the monumental complex, and the holy field. Return to the Hotel.



The tour starts at 8 am with the pick-up from your hotel and only an hour and a half journey from the city of Tacna, is one of the most beautiful Andean landscapes of the Tacna region, our first stop will be at an hour and average of travel in a sector called apacheta which is the highest point of our route, we will observe the volcanoes and the mountain range, likewise the change of geography is remarkable since from this point the nature changes, from a coastal and arid soil it is transformed into An Andean ecological floor and observe pre-Hispanic terraces that are still used by the inhabitants of the area, we will make a stop in the district of Taruchachi to observe. One of the churches that draws much attention for its walls with geometric iconography and is painted with natural dyes, extracted from the plants of the area, come the city of Tarata to visit the church of San Benedicto, its historic parade ground and from there starts the adventure of the hike along the Inca route, they say that this Inca trail starts from Cusco, it is part of the capac ñac (also called the royal road). In the walk you will observe crystalline waterfalls, cross a stone bridge, this route takes you to the pre-Inca citadel of Santa María, in this archaeological zone you will observe some standing walls, niches as testimony of an ancient city, you will enter a set geological monuments of huge stones that form caves and narrow passages in which Mystic place will observe an Andean altar, all this set of stones is called PIEDRAS DE KALA KALA, and finally they will go to the town of Ticaco, and about 10 minutes of travel will reach some thermal baths in which there is a pool of crystalline waters whose temperature rises from the slope at 45 degrees, in the pool the water is already between 18 and 25 degrees of thermal waters, with abundant mineral content, where undoubtedly take The bathrooms will be a relaxing and energizing experience, knowing this route will make your trip an unforgettable experience.



At the appropriate time transfer to the airport or bus station.

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