Enormous Cajamarca Tour 4 days 3 nights

Known for the celebration of the Carnival
4 days   3 nights

4 days 3 nights   

1 Cajamarca City tour

Reception and transfer to the selected hotel

Tour of the Plaza de Armas, Church of San Francisco the Cathedral, Bethlehem, colonial hospitals, Museum of religious art, Ethnographic, crypts, Chapel of the Sorrowful Virgin, Rescue room of the Inca Atahualpa, Santa Apolonia Hill with the chair of the Inca. Overnight

Visit from 09:30 am. At 1:00 p.m. And from 15:00 pm. at 19.00pm.

2 Cajamarca - Otuzco Windows


Visit to the Ventanillas de Otuzco or Pre-Inca Necropolis of the Cajamarca Culture, then continue to the Garden of the Hydrangeas, founding three mills and the farm where the Alps are made Dairy Products (Tasting) and observation of the breeding of horses. Overnight

Visit from 09:30 am. At 1:00 p.m. And from 15:00 pm. at 19.00pm.

3 Cajamarca Cumbe Mayo - Cajamarca


Place where is the best work of hydraulic engineering of the pre-Inca period. Acueducto worked in volcanic rock managing to pass, The water of the slopes of the Pacific to the slopes of the Atlantic. In addition you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of rocks that acquire capricious forms of Fraylones and other Figures. On our tour we will visit the Sanctuary with recordings of Petroglyphs, Ceremonial Altars, Stones of sacrifice, Bellavista, Layzón and forest park of the UNC.

Visit from 09:20 am to 1:30 pm. Overnight

4 Cajamarca-Lima


Morning free for personal activities. At the appropriate time, transfer to the bus station or airport. Return to Lima.


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