Taricaya Corto Maltes Program 5 days 4 nights

Visit the capital of biodiversity
5 days   4 nights

5 days 4 nights

1 DAY 1

Arrival: Reception at the airport and transfer to our office in the city of Puerto Maldonado.

The luggage that you do not need during your stay in the jungle can be stored in our warehouse to avoid transportation inconvenience.

Boarding at the Harbor of Captaincy towards our lodge: a journey of 40 minutes of navigation on the Madre de Dios River

Arrival at the facilities of the Corto Maltes Amazonia lodge where we will receive you with a natural fruit refreshment from the station. Then, your guide will give you the necessary explanations for your stay and you will be given the keys to your bungalow. After this lunch and have rest until the first excursion.

Trail and shiringuero camp:

15:30 p.m. Departure for your first contact with the forest, accompanied by your guide, who will show you the tropical trees, medicinal plants and other exuberant nature of the 60 hectare concession that Corto Maltés Amazonia keeps. You will also visit a shiringuero camp, one of the most important economic activities in the region of Madre de Dios. This is the reproduction of a real camp where you can see the traditional process of collecting the rubber (better known as latex) and used for many products. The time for this trekking is 2 hours. Free time: Back to the lodge you can relax in the pool or in the hammocks on the terrace of your bungalow, have an exotic cocktail in the bar, have a relaxing massage by qualified staff, buy a souvenir from the jungle in our shop of crafts or go to the pier on the river to watch the sunset.


19:00 p.m. Before dinner you will have an evening boat ride for a fun "Cayman safari" where, with luck, you can also see other animals that live on the banks of the river.

Dinner: 20:00h Dinner in our dining room.

2 DAY 2

Breakfast: We wake up at 5:30 am to have a hot coffee or tea before leaving to Sandoval Lake. The guide will give you a bag with breakfast that will be consumed during the excursion to Lake Sandoval.

Sandoval Lake:

06:00 h. After sailing for about 20 minutes along the Madre de Dios River, arrive at the pier of Sandoval Lake. With a trek of 3 km through the exuberant vegetation of the tropical forest we enter the territory of the Tambopata National Reserve. You can admire gigantic trees, snakes, monkeys (wasitas, cotomonos or cappuccinos), birds (highlighting the shanshos, kingfishers and anhingas). Once at Lake Sandoval we will sail in small rowing boats in search of river wolves. We can also observe a wide variety of animals such as reptiles, mammals and birds is its natural state. When the guide finds a suitable place and while we observe the nature in its maximum expression we will be able to consume our breakfast.

In return we will take into account to have our complete belongings and we will begin the walk of return to the wharf of the Sandoval Lake.

OPTIONAL - Isla de los Monos

This activity will be carried out depending on the season and according to the guide's criteria. There are times in the season that because of the floods it is practically impossible to enter and walk around the island. On the other hand there are moments of the season when it is necessary to leave the monkeys without interruption of the visit of tourists to help in their reproduction and in their life in the wild.

These animals are already used to visits by tourists and can get close to people so we must always follow the instructions of the guide.

Lunch: 13:30h. We will return to the lodge to have lunch.

Visit to the chestnut tower and camp:

15:30 p.m. We will visit one of the two towers that Corto Maltes Amazonia has in its facilities. One has a height of 20 meters and the other 42 meters. Both are designed for the sighting of birds and other species from above and you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset (the guide will coordinate which to visit depending on the preference of the passengers). Visit to a castañero camp.

Chestnut (or Brazil nut, as it is known worldwide) is another of the most important economic activities in the Madre de Dios region.

Free time: Free time to enjoy the pool or a massage, drink something refreshing in our bar or visit our boutique.

Dinner: 20:00h: Dinner

3 DAY 3

Breakfast: 08:00 h Breakfast


09:00h After about 20 minutes of crossing the river we will visit a farm. It is a land taken care of by a local family. Here we will recognize and even taste different tropical fruits of the season and other local products (cocoa, banana, cocona, tree bread, noni, yucca, lime ...). This place belongs to a typical rural family in this area, who maintain very carefully and without chemicals some native plants that grow naturally and then take to the main market of Puerto Maldonado for consumption. Once the visit is over we will return to take the boat and after about 20 minutes we will arrive at the land of the Machiguenga native family.

Native Machiguenga Family:

12:00h We will visit a family of Machiguenga natives, one of the many ethnic groups that exist in the Peruvian Amazon, that will show us part of the cultural value of their ancestors, their language and customs, their clothing, their hunting gear, their crafts and music played during the ayahuasca ceremony. They will teach us how to take advantage of natural products to make tools, their homes, dresses and ornaments, all of them important for their daily life.


13 00h: Without leaving the land of the Machiguenga family, in a typical construction, we will have an indigenous dish of the jungle.

Free Time: 14:00 Return to the lodge to rest and have free time to visit the boutique, cool off in the pool, have a cocktail in the bar or have a relaxing massage.

Dinner: 20:00h: Dinner

4 DAY 4

Breakfast: 08: 00h. Breakfast and free time

Visit to the Taricaya Center: 8:30h. Travel by boat (45 minutes) to the Biological Animal Rescue Center. This project, with headquarters in the United Kingdom, has the collaboration of universities around the world, where volunteer students come to help in the care and reintroduction of animals injured or rescued in many cases to be reinserted into their livelihood . Here we can see different species of animals: jaguar, varieties of monkeys, tapir, peccary and some exotic birds like the trumpeter. These animals are cared for in order to cure them and return them to their natural environment, although there are some animals that can no longer be reintroduced into their natural habitat for various reasons. The project has a Canopy Walk (a suspension bridge that climbs to 42 m in height and 90 m in length, for bird monitoring and observation of fauna and flora). The walk along an open path will last approximately 30 minutes in the primary forest up to the Canopy-Walk.

After climbing the first tower of 14m, we walk on the suspension bridge (Canopy Walk), ascending to a platform of 42 m high from where you can enjoy an extraordinary view at the level of the highest treetops of the jungle.

Lunch and free time:

Around 1:30 pm Return to the Lodge for lunch and free afternoon to enjoy the recreational activities of the lodge in coordination with your guide.

Dinner: 20:00h Dinner.

5 DAY 5

Parrot lick: We wake up at 5: 30h to have a hot coffee or tea before leaving for a walk of about 20 minutes until we reach the parrot clay lick, where they will be able to observe 3 to 5 species of parrots, which come down to eat of a special clay found in some areas of this region. This is indispensable for the metabolism of birds and a truly wonderful and exciting color show.

Breakfast and free time: 08: 00h Breakfast and free time.

Visit to the local market: After breakfast there will be a transfer to the city of Puerto Maldonado in our boats. At Port Captaincy you will be waiting for mobility to go to our office, then continue to the local market where you will make a small tour with an average duration of 15 to 20 minutes where you can see the different local products from which the population it is supplied After this visit we will continue on the way to the airport to check in their respective flights.

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