Enjoy Pucallpa
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Pucallpa Peru is the capital of the Ucayali region, a relatively young and dynamically developing city. However, a long time ago Pucallpa was an ordinary village, cut off from the rest of the country. The isolation of the city was put to an end when in 1945 a road was built here. The road became a real salvation for Pucallpa, as a result of which the city's economy was significantly strengthened, and the status of the capital of the region was consolidated. A serious problem of these places is heavy downpours, floods and landslides, which constantly threaten the destruction of the road. Today, Pucallpa's economy is mainly based on wood processing and a small oil refinery. From a purely tourist point of view, the following objects are worthy of attention on Pucallpa tours:

· The Armory Square with the Obelisk dominating in its ensemble

· The cathedral, built in 2005 in an unusual Neo-Gothic style

· Municipal Palace with a glass dome

· Clock's Square with a high tower crowned with a clock

· Outside the city, the virgin nature - lagoons, lakes, forests and parks, which have preserved their original appearance, and are ideal for lovers of eco-tourism - is of interest.