Travel packages in Pucallpa - The red earth

Pucallpa Peru is the capital of the Ucayali region, a relatively young and dynamically developing city. A long time ago it was just a village, not connected to the rest of Peru. But the construction of the road brought the isolation to the end. The new road turned everything in Pucallpa for the better, the economy of the region begun to flourish and the city strengthened its positions as the capital of the Ucayali region. A serious problem of these places is heavy downpours, floods and landslides, which constantly threaten the destruction of the road. In comparison to other cities of the region, Pucallpa looks less jungle-like. To get to this city, you have to go through miles and miles of tropical travel. The contrast and the modern and hasty development in the center may catch you off guard. But do not be fooled, the rainforest just feels far away, the simplicity of shantytown is still there and it shines through all the modern stuff.

But there are a lot of reason for a traveler to stop here. What to do in Peru includes visiting the lake of Yarinacocha, a beautiful, oxbow lake 8 km (5 miles) northeast of the centre, and indigenous communities. Sometimes it feels like the time has stopped here and everything around here is just the snapshot of the old times. The Shipibo Indians wandering around the main streets, trying to sell souvenirs and local crafts to the tourists. The distinct trait of their art is handmade ceramics and textiles. The Shipibo Indians lead their life almost like their ancestors did a century ago. A typical member of their community lives in an open-sided, stilted, thatched-roofed house in a village an hour away from the city of Pucallpa. You can visit this community by getting to their village on a boat. And if you are up for some more adventures, you can get on one of the rápidos (speedboats) linking the main towns along the river. Even though there are no fancy cruises, it is still a very interesting experience.

Today, Pucallpa's economy is mainly based on wood processing and a small oil refinery. From a purely tourist point of view, the following objects are worthy of attention on Pucallpa tours:

· The Armory Square with the Obelisk dominating in its ensemble

· The cathedral, built in 2005 in an unusual Neo-Gothic style

· Municipal Palace with a glass dome

· Clock's Square with a high tower crowned with a clock

Outside the city, the virgin nature - lagoons, lakes, forests and parks, which have preserved their original appearance, and are ideal for lovers of eco-tourism- is of interest.

So when tourists come to Pucallpa they usually focus on the recreation center which is just fifteen miles away from the city itself. This is the very place where a tourist can relax and let go of everyday worries. You can find a restaurant, a pool and even a few waterslides. The weather and the surroundings are so good that you will definitely want to return one more time. If you are a nature lover, you will be head over heels over Parque Natural. This zoo is very interesting, because you will be able to see even animals that you will not be able to see in jungle. The animals are contained in small cages, so you will be able to get very close. The zoo even lets you pet and feed some of the animals. Pucallpa offers a variety of exotic things to see and do. For example, in Animal park, on the other side of the river, you will get to eat crocodile, feed Toucans or take a picture with an anaconda. You will also get an opportunity to go on a boat tour around the main port of Yarinacocha. There are a lot of different offers, some of the tours even serve as the start of the jungle excursion.

Whatever you will end up doing, we can guarantee that Peru tourism will not leave you disappointed!