Puno tour complete 5 days 4 nights

The highest lake in the world
5 days   4 nights

5 days 4 nights


Reception and transfer to the selected hotel.

14:00 Visit the tombs of Sillustani 34 km away. from Puno, pre-Inca tombs and massive stone Incas up to 12 meters high built by the religious leaders Kollas and Incas in their surroundings by the Umayo lagoon a great beauty to the landscape. In this ecosystem you can observe different types of birds and different wild animals, as well as the agricultural system called "waru waru" that served as a protection for frost crops, this technique was built by the Pucara culture and developed by the Incas , currently the local population continues to use these systems and en route we continue to Lampa located in the north-western part of Puno at 01h: 30m by road, this town is famous for having seven wonders of the colonial era such as:

• The jail built in stone without prisoners.

• The stone bridge without water.

• The stone stadium without soccer players.

• The stone coliseum without players.

• The stone hospital without patients.

• The stone pool without water.

• The school without students.

Likewise Lampa has catacombs under the church, there are tunnels that connect to these catacombs one of them goes to Cusco, the other to Puno and the third is not known where it goes, it is said that these tunnels served the Incas for flee from the conquerors and return to the city of Puno.

Return to Puno and transfer to their respective hotels.



08:00 After breakfast, transfer to the pier to board with destination to the floating Islands of the Uros Indians, which was built by the inhabitants of the island based totora, aquatic plant that is part of the daily life of the locals since with they build their houses, rafts and handicrafts. Later, transfer to the Island of Amantaní to learn about its myths, customs and its impressive landscapes. Overnight at the villagers' house.


AM Typical breakfast at home locals.

08:00 Transfer to the Taquile Island, located 35 km east of Puno, where you can appreciate the customs of the inhabitants of the island in constant contact with nature, which stand out for their handicrafts and typical clothing, in this way you will witness their customs, which remain unchanged; You can see the daily work of the islanders. There are two possibilities to climb the village: the first is for people who like to make physical effort, you have to climb the island by 533 steps to reach the entrance arch and descend to the Plaza Mayor; the second one is on a slope of gentle slope that leads to the village, it takes approximately 1 hour of road. In the afternoon return to Puno. Arrival and transfer to the hotel in Puno.



08:00 It starts from the traditional hill of Huajsapata (viewpoint) with a colorful view of the city and the bay of Puno and the peninsulas of Capachica and Chucuito; during the tour the history and millennial legends of the lake will be known, with the Dreyer museum, Plaza de armas, the cathedral, the sanctuary of La Candelaria, the feast of the patron saint of the city and the declaration of intangible cultural heritage of the Humanity (UNESCO), Pino Park, San Carlos School, embroidery workshops of dance costumes, Arco Deustua, Puno pier, Yavari boat and others that shows the history of the Altiplano, Lake Titicaca with the city after visiting Puno city we go to CHUCUITO (02:30 hours approx.) also known as the city of the royal boxes, located 18 km south of the city of Puno on the Puno road - Bolivia on the shores of Lake Titicaca. It contains attractions such as: Inca Uyo, Church of the Assumption, Chucuito viewpoint, Santo Domingo Chucuito Church, fish farming, totora museum, among others.



At the appropriate time transfer to the airport or bus station.


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