Tropical Tarapoto 5 days 4 nights

Visit the exuberant nature of Tarapoto
5 days   4 nights

5 days 4 nights


Reception and transfer to the selected hotel.

15:00 pm We will go to the folkloric capital of San Martín, Lamas. In the city, we will visit its main square where we will know part of its history. Later, we will go to the indigenous museum (additional 6 soles) where we will know part of the customs and traditions of the waykus, the native community of the city. If you do not want to enter the museum, alternatively you can wait in the famous Violeta cremoladería where you will taste its tasty ice cream specialties with natural fruits. At the end we will go to see the popular castle of Lamas, we will make a tour of its interior and discover some details that explain why this unique construction. Finally, we will visit the Wayku neighborhood and its indigenous community. There we can learn about their ancestral culture and acquire some of their traditional handicrafts in the neighborhood market. After around 6:30 we will return to Tarapoto. End of the tour to Lamas. Return to the Hotel, overnight.



10:00 am We will go to the waterfall of Ahuashiyacu. Before arriving, we will make a stop at the Ahuashiyacu viewpoint from where you can enjoy the mountainous and green views of the ridge ladder and take photos. Then, once we arrive at the reserve where the waterfall is located, we will take a guided walk through the interior of the reserve through an enabled path of around 15 minutes. At the end we will have arrived at the Ahuashiyacu waterfall where you can bathe if you wish and take some pictures. After, we will start our way back to Tarapoto.

Return to the Hotel, overnight.



The tour starts around 08:30 when we pick you up at your hotel to go to the willow town, where Laguna Azul is located. During the 2 hour journey we will make 2 stops: the first to cross the Huallaga River in a captive raft where we will transport the car; the second in the viewpoint the tip of the gallinazo, a high place from where you can see the entire green bank of the Huallaga. Once we get to Sauce, we will go to its port and take a boat to navigate the lagoon for about an hour. Later we will dock the boat in the recess the spout.

There you will have the opportunity to bathe in the lagoon, take a short horse ride around the lagoon and practice additional activities (not included in the price) such as kayaking, canopy and jet skiing. When we finish, we will go to lunch on the shores of the lagoon a tourist menu where you can choose between various dishes of Amazonian cuisine. After around 04:00 p.m. We will start the return to Tarapoto and around 06:00 p.m. we will be back.

Return to the Hotel, overnight.



The Huacamaillo waterfall tour starts at 9:00 am, picking you up at your hotel. From there we move to the town of San Pedro de Cumbaza where the entrance to the reserve for the Huacamaillo waterfall is located. We will make a walk of approximately 2 hours through a path enabled by the middle of the reserve. In the course of the walk we will cross the river Cumbaza several times and we will stop to freshen up, rest and take pictures. Finally we will arrive at the waterfall where we will bathe and rest before resuming the way back. When we return to the car we will go to the WasiKaski lodge where we will have lunch and where if you wish you can use the pool to bathe. After we will return to Tarapoto and we will leave you again at your hotel. End of the Tour to Huacamaillo Waterfall. Return to the Hotel, overnight.



At the appropriate time transfer to the airport or bus station.


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