Tour Memorable Ayacucho

Know the city of the churches
4 days   3 nights

4 days 3 nights

1 Day 1 City Tour of Ayacucho

Arrival and transportation to your designated hotel in Ayacucho.

Guided visit of the city and its main attractions. We will visit the Central Plazas, Cathedral constructed in the 17th century, San Cristobal National University of Huamanga. We will get to know the Santo Domingo monastery and Church, Santa Teresa Monastery and Church and the Andres Avelino Caceres Museum. Further, we will see the Colonial homes with their beautiful architecture so that later we can head to the Acuchimay tourist lookout and Santa Ana artisan sector. Transport to the hotel.

2 Day 2 Ayacucho- Wari Ruins - Quinua

08:00 Breakfast in the hotel.

In the morning we begin aguided excursion to the ruins of the Wari Empire whose origins date back to IX century AD where remains of walls, water canals and tombs can be seen; considered to be the largest city in Peru constructed by stone and mud. Outstanding among its main attractions are: Capillapata, the main temple, Monjachayocc, its museum, Checcowasi stove cave. Afterwards we continue towards the Quinua Flats, the site where the independence of Peru was sealed in 1824 and we go on to visit the village inhabited by people who, in the main, are dedicated to the production of usable and decorative ceramics. There we visit the main workshops, Quinua plaza, museum and the House of Surrender. Return to the City of Ayacucho. Arrival and transfer to your hotel.

3 Day 3 Ayacucho - Ruins of Vilcashuaman - Intihuatana

Breakfast in the hotel.

Very early we begin a circuit where we pass the south of the city of Ayacucho. After 42 kilometers we pass the highest point of the Toccto saddle (4, 200 meters above sea level). Later we arrive at Condorcocha where you can enjoy a free breakfast. Continuing our journey we visit the small Forrest of ‘Raimondi Puyas’.

Three hours into the journey we visit the Pomacocha lagoon in whose surrounds are the Intihuatana Inca ruins, the outstanding resting place of the Inca; the Inca baths, the gateway of the Sun, the palace of the Inca, Accllawasi, and Sacrificial Rock etc. Optional: Ceremony of renewal of energy. After this visit we continue our journey for 30 minutes to Vilcashuaman, an administrative center during the Inca period where we can appreciate constructions of carved stone. Those surviving are: the ceremonial pyramid, Ushno, the temple of the Sun and the Moon, the monument to Pachacutec, the rock of sorcery, Puma Calle, etc.

19:00 Return to the city of Ayacucho overnight

4 Day 4 departure

08:00 Breakfast in the hotel.

At a time to be determined you will be taken to the airport or land transport station.


5 Day 5 Ayacucho

08:00 Breakfast in the hotel.

At a time to be determined you will be taken to the airport or land transport station.


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