Traditional Central Jungle

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3 days   2 nights

3 days 2 nights


Reception and transfer to the selected hotel

10:30 We start our circuit visiting the district of San Ramón, we will know its main square, the Albariño park, then a fun walk (30 minutes approximately) by a beautiful path inside the mystical forest that will lead us to the Tyrol Waterfall, where we can enjoy the fresh breeze of this impressive waterfall, photograph yourself and delight with its beautiful and colorful landscape; Free time to freshen up in their natural pools. In the afternoon we will visit the butterfly farm Zhaveta Yard, where we will see all the metamorphosis of these flying jewels, we will also enter its mini zoo of Amazonian animals; We will visit the Happy Selva ice cream parlor, where we will enjoy ice cream made from yogurt and fruit from our town. To conclude we will go up to the viewpoint "Gran Cruz de Chanchamayo" from there we will have a wonderful panoramic view of the Chanchamayo Valley. 17:00 Return to the Hotel, Overnight.



9:00 We will leave for Oxapampa, during the trip we will observe beautiful landscapes, we will know the Paucartambo Bridge (border between Junín and Pasco); we will stop to appreciate the obelisk of the Abra Tsholet, here we will appreciate a construction that announces the cultural diversity that exists in the province, we will also know about the wonders of the municipal protection forest "T'sholet". We will visit the Floralp dairy processing plant, here we will be able to taste the various products that they make such as yogurt, cheeses, butter, among others (free time for tasting and shopping). Continuing our tour we will make a short City tour: Plaza de los colonos, Santa Rosa Church, apiculture store. In the afternoon we will visit the district of Chontabamba and the El Wharapo distillery where sugar cane liquor is made and the traditional huarapo (tasting and buying), then we will know the Tunqui Cave in this place we will observe the formation of stalagmites and stalactites. Finally we will enter a cattle ranch where you can observe the raising of cattle, horses and see the customs of oxapampinos. Return. Return.19: 00 Return to the Hotel, Overnight.



6:00 am With the first rays of sun, we headed towards Pozuzo, on the route we will cross the Ymilchaga Chemillen National Park where we will observe: The Rayantambo, Yulitunqui and Paccha waterfalls, we will be able to walk appreciating the diversity in flora and fauna and recharge ourselves with energy in this wonderful place. When we arrive to Pozuzo we start the tour in the only Austro German colony of the World, we will make a brief City tour; we will visit the Cemetery of the Settlers, the Schafferer Museum where you will find various pieces of equipment of the settlers, maps and relevant data of the crossing from Europe to Peru; We will appreciate The San José Church, the Monument to Father José Egg, we will cross the Emperor Guillermo I Suspension Bridge, to go up to the Mirador from there we will have a beautiful panoramic view of Pozuzo, in its beautiful square, that describes the crossing of the settlers we will know the replica of the sailboat Norton, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church. In the afternoon, on the way back, we will visit the Prussian Quarter where we can observe various typical houses, its beautiful and modern square that evokes the time of colonization and its beautiful church in the Bavarian style. 18:00 Return to Oxapampa - Chanchamayo.


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