Book a tour to Valle sagrado

Sacred Valley, Peru is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world right now and an absolute must-see if you are considering visiting Peru. The Cradle of Inca civilization will be a good stop whether you decide to trek the Inca trail or do it all by transport.

The beautiful site is located in the Andes, along the Urubamba River, between Machu Picchu and Cuzco, and encompasses many attractions of the Inca era, including ancient ceremonial complexes, fortresses, and archaeological sites, as well as picturesque towns, villages, agricultural and salt terraces, sheltered on the slopes of steep mountains. The marvelous and rich culture is what brings tourists from all over the world on a Sacred Valley tour.

In the valley, there are many ancient cities and settlements. One of the most important is the archaeological complex of Pisac, located 33 kilometers from Cusco. Building something like it today would take tons of machines and labor. As you walk around, imagine life and tools from the 15th century. It is hard to grasp how they built it all! Tourism in the Andes is so worth the trouble because you can literally see history in front of your own eyes.

It is believed that it was in the Sacred Valley of the Incas that they first began to grow potatoes and it was the Incas who came up with the idea of building agricultural terraces on the slopes of the mountains (the surface was leveled with stones and then covered with earth brought in). Once this site represented the fruitful and spiritual base of Inca culture. In addition, even today Valle Sagrado with its marvelous mix of contemporary culture and traditions frozen in time continues to supply Cusco with agro products.

However, enjoying the beautiful scenery is only half the charm of visiting Valle Sagrado. Make sure to not miss out on dinners Peru. Peruvian cuisine has gathered a lot of attention in Europe lately. Internationally popular dishes with a local twist will be the highlight of your visit to Sacred Valley.

You will surely find some beautiful souvenirs in the colorful markets and take many memories with you from Inca citadels. Peru Andes tours have something for everybody - you can even go rock climbing or rafting.