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Ollantaytambo, tour Peru focuses on  is an ancient temple complex located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cuaco, Peru. Megalithic stones, which were discovered by archaeologists in its construction, are among the largest and heaviest on the planet. Some of them reach 1,000 tons.


The Inca Empire left behind many mysteries. Most of which are still unsolved, although the best minds of mankind are trying to find the answers.  Today, only we can see only ruins of the fortress , but they are also impressive. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Peru because of them.

During your tour Ollantaytambo cusco you will get to explore an ancient ceremonial center of the Incas with mysterious megaliths,

surrounded by beautiful mountains. The city of Ollantaytambo itself was built in the Spanish colonial style. Inca buildings on one of the mountains are the city's most prized treasure.

According to historians, the Ollantaytambo complex was built by the Incas. It is believed that the fortress was constructed  by the Indians immediately before the arrival of the Spaniards. The very Spanish invasion seemed to have caused the citadel to remain unfinished. The "unfinished" status is confirmed by granite blocks, which lie in disorder at the upper levels of the complex. These blocks are known under the name - tired stones.

The powerful walls of Ollantaytambo fortress are collected from stone blocks, which sometimes reach a weight of tens of tons, but are matched to each other with amazing accuracy, although they have joints not of rectangular shape, but of very different shapes. Even more striking stone monoliths, the so-called platform of the temple of the Sun, reaching more than four meters in height, the weight of which is hundreds of tons and which are placed at the very top of a steep row of artificial terraces.

The fortress is amazing because modern science is not able to date the construction of the facility and it is not capable of any logical explanation of how such impressive megalithic structures were built. Today, it remains a mystery why this fortress was partially destroyed.  The name of this small settlement comes from the local dialect of quechua which can be translated as "the pantry of my God." In some ways, this is really true: the slopes of mountains drip with skillfully built plantation terraces and granaries. And you will see this for yourself during a tour Ollantaytambo. The wind and the height helped to save the grain the natural way.

Peru tourism is so worth is when you are walking around the city, you can almost feel the history every step along the way. Ollantaytambo fortress, originally built for religious purposes, became the site of a major battle, one of the only successful Incas fights against the conquistadors.