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Pisac, Sacred Valley serves as a great example of how advanced the Incas were in terms of agriculture and construction. Magnificent ruins can compete with Machu Picchu in some ways, but it is much easier to get to Pisac. According to one of the versions, Pisac was built around 1440, after a century it was destroyed by the Spaniards and then reconstructed. In addition, the other one states that the main enemy of the city is time and the population just faded away.

Pisac is one of the most impressive and large cities of the Incas, located in the Sacred

Valley. It stretches in the hills around the modern city of Pisac and represents an interesting blend of different cultural layers. Even though we cannot be sure about the main purpose of this site in the times of Incas, it is clear that Pisac was the very heart of the military and religious life of civilization.

Peru tourism will definitely surprise you with its archaeological diversity - you can see a ceremonial center, fortified by a huge fortress wall, a variety of terraces, several settlements, a cemetery and a ramified water supply system.

Many people have trouble with how to get from Cusco to Pisac. However, there are a lot of different ways: there is a train, you can rent a car, get a taxi, the colectivo (a mini-bus service). If you are an inexperienced driver, it is better to get a taxi or a bus, because a roads in Peru tend to be really tricky to navigate. It will take about 45 minutes to get from Cusco to Pisac.

Make sure to bring something to remind you of Pisac tour. The market is very tourist-oriented, but you will surely find some beautiful pieces. People come here from all the villages around and bring unique things for sale. Here you can find a stone masonry, the quality of which is comparable with such masterpieces of architecture as Saksaywaman and Coricancha in Cusco. Many people have reasons to think of Pisac as the second Machu Picchu, which is not inferior in its engineering scope to the fortress of Ollantaytambo.