Wonderful Central Selva Peru Tour 4 days 3 nights

Visit the central jungle and marvel at its beauty
4 days   3 nights

4 days 3 nights


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10:00 We will start our tour, during the morning we will visit one of the oldest suspension bridges in the province, we will make brief stops to appreciate the mountain formation of "Juan Santos Atahualpa asleep" and "Tinkuy"; then we will go to Puerto Yurinaki where after a short walk, we will visit two charming and fascinating waterfalls, Velo de la Novia with approximately 60 meters of fall that is inside the impressive Yurinaki river canyon, surrounded by lush jungle vegetation, and Bayoz with more than 65 meters in three jumps descending from the top of the mountain forming a majestic waterfall, with multiple natural pools ideal for a refreshing dip in its crystal clear waters (free time). In the afternoon we will visit an Asháninka Native Community, where we will learn its history, enjoy its music and joyful native dances; Finally, we will visit a Mini Coffee Processing Plant, (Tasting and shopping). Return.18: 30 Return to the Hotel, Overnight.



11:00 We start our day moving to the suspension bridge Kimiri, from here we will start a walk through the jungle, we can appreciate various crops and natural landscapes. We will advance until we reach the sector called "the hammocks". Then we will enter the Kabur River, here our journey will begin, overcoming various challenges that will arise, we will climb rock walls, waterfalls, use ropes and the necessary equipment to feel protected at all times. We will arrive to the waterfalls known as Las Reinas, here we will know the legend of its peculiar name, we will take advantage of the moment to take a dip in its crystal clear waters and be able to jump into its pools, slide through its natural slides and enjoy this moment to the maximum disconnected from the world modern. We will return to the "hammocks" sector and start our return to the Kimiri suspension bridge. 18:00 Return to Oxapampa - Chanchamayo. 18:30 Return to the Hotel, Overnight.



11:00 We start our day moving to the suspension bridge Kimiri, a fun walk among fruit trees await us with magical landscapes, learn to recognize medicinal plants, ferns, orchids and much of the local flora. We will arrive at the Burgundy ravine, from here our journey will begin, overcoming various challenges posed by nature, we will use equipment such as helmets, ropes and everything necessary to have security, adventure and fun; At any moment we will enjoy a delicious hydromassage in the different waterfalls that we will find until finally it arrives at the Burgundy waterfall with its 25 meters of height descending from the top of the mountain. We will have a free time to enjoy this paradisiacal and charming place. Finally we will return by a parallel path remembering each step taken in this fun and unforgettable adventure.

17:00 Return to the Hotel, Overnight.



11:00 We start our journey moving to the country club Isla de las Turunas, a small tropical paradise where we will live a fascinating adventure full of adrenaline. We begin the adventure with the kayak ride in a beautiful natural lagoon, we will go through obstacles that will bring fun and excitement, then we will move to climb a Palestra and in the descent of this we will do Rappel, you will feel that adrenaline sensation that springs in your body; then we will feel the air in the face with the displacement in Canopy of 150 meters which we will slide on a lagoon surrounded by abundant vegetation, we will continue towards the bridges of more adrenaline in the province the suspension bridge Indiana and the Inca suspension bridge of 35 and 40 meters respectively on a height of more than 10 meters, to close the extreme route on the suspension bridge Cotomono (double horizontal) of 75 meters that will make this an Extreme Forest experience. We will have free time to enjoy this paradisiacal place, its multiple swimming pools, green areas and sports spaces. (We can stay to enjoy this paradisiac place until 18:00 hours.)

Return to the Hotel, Overnight.


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