TAITALINDO PERU TOURS E.I.R.L tour operator owned and operated by Peruvians love our tradition and culture so dear to the world. Our primary attention is directed to Peruvian and foreign travelers to provide all assistance regarding your trip to our beautiful country. TAITALINDO offers tourist services, through our Internet packages, ensuring a modern service with quality, comfort and above all safety to you.
Our main concern is that our customers enjoy a beautiful stay and make their dreams come true knowing our Peru. We also have an online link where you can talk directly with our team that would offer the necessary help and also if you can buy Peruvian handicrafts. TAITALINDO guarantees and ensures quality and customer satisfaction, our customers can certify it. Visión : We aim to be one of the most prestigious business leaders in tourism, being recognized by the quality of services provided and thus position ourselves as the most prestigious travel agencies both nationally and internationally. Our organization will be characterized as one that contributes to Peruvian culture through authentic tours and travel services.
RESPONSIBILITY  At all times we will perform our work with complete honesty and punctuality, before, during and after delivery.
JUSTICE To show our customers that there will be no distinction of international tourists and nationals while ensuring the legality of our services.
SERVICE Sincerely committed to serve you and be available at any time and place that you require, providing quality service, advice and information.
TRUST  Recognizing this is one of the essential pillars needed to optimally develop social relationships between customer-company and we will always want you to feel a part of us and our country.
PROFESSIONALISM  Our team is trained and prepared to provide the best service in the tourism market. Respect – Important for we believe that each customer has their own ideology and customs that are not affected by our interests. EMPATHY To improve, we want to let our customers know that they are very important for the development of our company and therefore our main concern is their comfort and to meet all their expectations through exceptional service.

"Our vision is to be one of the leading Travel and Tourism companies in Peru. Achieving the highest prestige in the  field of tourism, being recognised for the breadth and quality of services offered. Thus positioning ourselves as the most prestigious travel agency in the market for both national and international clients.  We will be  characterised as an organisation that generates a great appreciation of the soul of Peru both nationally and internationally." Richard Montenegro – President & CEO

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