Travel packages in Lima - The city of kings

Lima or, as some may call it, City of Kings is the capital and the largest city of Peru. In fact, this is the only, but the huge metropolis of the country. Many people underestimate the external appearance of the city while taking a tour to Lima, especially if they come here in the fog season, but the very moment the sun comes out it appears to be one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Once upon a time, this city was the capital of the entire New World and nowadays it opens its gates to you during your trip to Lima. At the time of its founding, in the 16th century, Lima was called the City of Kings and was indeed a majestic outpost: the stunning Viceroy's palace, grand cathedrals, and luxurious villas presented the city with charm for ages. In 1991 Lima made all Peru proud and was declared a part of UNESCO cultural heritage.

Lima is ideal for starting for Peru tourism. This city is good for everyone: young people and lovers of active recreation, couples with children, romantics, and connoisseurs of archaeological finds. Everybody seems to be able to find something for his or her taste during a trip to Lima. Exploring of Lima usually begins with a walking tour of Lima Centro - the old colonial center of the capital. Visitors of Peru spend a lot of time exploring old buildings and just taking in the authentic Peruvian atmosphere. On the central square of Plaza de Armas (which means "Plaza de Armas"), you will see the oldest building in Lima - a fountain built in the late 16th century. The architectural ensemble of the square allows you to see the influence of the Spanish origin of Lima. Large closed balconies with fine carvings and grand facades of the Cathedral, the Municipality of Lima, the Palace of Government leave an indelible impression on everyone during a trip to Lima and make one want to return to Peru at least one more time.

Things to do in Lima include visiting such places of interest as Pachacamac Temple (the main pilgrimage place in the Inca Empire), the San Francisco Monastery with catacombs and an ancient library, the modern districts of Miraflores, Barranco and San Francisco, where you can admire the luxurious villas, drowning in the greenery of the gardens. Among the parks of Lima, the most famous is the Fountain Park. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as it is the largest complex of fountains in the world. The biggest fountain in the park is called the Magic Fountain because its streams soar upwards above 80 meters! Fountains are especially beautiful at night, when a change of colors, laser effects, and beautiful music create a special charm. While traveling to Peru, you absolutely need to put visiting this park on your bucket list! A few blocks from the square one can find the beautiful church of San Francisco, part of the San Francisco Monastery complex. The monastery was rebuilt after each of the earthquakes that destroyed it during the last four centuries. Here you can see a wonderful mosaic tile from Seville and a good collection of works of church art during your trip to Peru. But the most notable are the catacombs - underground tunnels and tombs.

If you are feeling adventurous during your tour of the city of Lima, visit the Inquisition Museum, located on Bolivar Square. Or rather, under the square - in the basement of the building, where during the Inquisition a torture chamber was located. From the city center, you can quickly get a taxi to the Miraflores area, where the best theaters, fashion boutiques, and nightclubs are located. Nearby is the romantic quarter of the Bohemian Barranco, here the favorite street of lovers is located. Puente de los Suspiros or "bridge of sighs", surrounded by fragrant jasmine trees and thickets of hyacinths. The street leads to the observation deck, from where a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean opens that will definitely be a highlight of your tour to Lima. During your trip to Lima, you will see that the city of Kings has a lot to offer!