Travel packages in Huancayo - the Uncontrollable City

Huancayo Peru is located at an altitude of 3,271 meters above sea level, on the eastern slope of the West Cordillera of the Andes. The city serves as the administrative center of the province with the same name and the center of the department of Junin. At a distance of 250 kilometers from Huancayo is the capital of Peru - Lima. Ancient settlements of people in this area date back to 500 BC. Scientists are aware of the existence here of the settlement of the Indian state of Huanca, founded by the tribes of the "huanca" nationality. The state of Huanca lasted until the middle of the 15th century, and later it was annexed to the Inca Empire. In 1572, the Spaniards formally founded the city here, the full Spanish name of which sounds - Santisima-Trinidad de Huancayo. Now, the city is known as the cultural and economic center of the region. Traditionally, the national craft is developed here. In addition, the city is famous for the holidays, which are celebrated in enchanting, fun and bright way. They attract many guests from neighboring regions and other countries.

The favorite area for visiting tourists in Huancayo is the central square of the Constitution. Around the square are many colonial buildings on the ground floors are located cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. Near the square stands the functioning Cathedral, built in 1831. You have to see it during this tour Peru because it operates simultaneously as a museum with displays of religious art. An important architectural object of the colonial period in the city is the monastery of Santa Rosa de Ochoa, which houses the largest ancient library in the country, numbering 25 thousand books. In the museum at the monastery, you can hear a story about the foundation of the monastery by monks-missionaries, and also get acquainted with the objects of their life. There is a railway road that connects the Peruvian capital, Lima and the city of Huancayo that until 2002 was considered the highest mountain in the world. The railway overcomes mountain tunnels, bridges over gorges and sharp turns. Huancayo is considered one of the most interesting cultural and tourist cities in Peru, which is visited annually by tens of thousands of travelers from all over the world.

Many people come to Peru because they want to taste traditional Peruvian food. It has been generating a lot of buzz lately. A true gourmet should visit Huancayo, where a thick yellow sauce made from several types of cheese with the addition of spicy pepper, is served with potatoes of several different shades pre-roasted in a special clay oven.