Enjoy Tarapoto

The city of Tarapoto is not the most popular place in Peru tourism. It is far from the northern coastal circuit and further away from the popular Gringo Trail in the south. The so-called "City of Palms", however, is far from being a quiet town. The city is located in the foothills of the Andes, in the so-called "blue jungle" (indeed with a blue tinge). Another interesting fact is that there are always some events here: the festival of Indian cuisine, or the regional exhibition. A very lively city. First impressions of Tarapoto are rarely spectacular. The city itself is a mix of indescribable, half-modern facades and dilapidated roofs of farmers' houses.

A lot of people come to this city to stay at sauce resort Tarapoto. There are not a lot to see in the city itself, but you can visit the cigar factory Tabacalera del Oriente (Martinez de Compagnon 1138). For further sightseeing you will have to leave the city limits. You can visit scenic waterfalls such as Ahuashiyacu and Huacamaillo, petroglyphs of the Polish language and culturally important cities such as Lamas and Chasuta. A lot of tourist come here with very specifc goals in mind, like bird watching, for example. Also flora lovers, will be amazed by marvelous variety of orchids. If you love adventures more than quite wallks around beautiful flowers, we suggest rafting. It is also a good place for those who seek enlightenment (Tarapoto is home to the Takivashi Center, the largest drug treatment center and the study of traditional medicine).

If you are a Peruvian food lover, Tarapoto has a wide choice of cheap and medium-sized restaurants, as well as a growing number of high-class options. You have to try "saltado" - ragout fried with various seasonings of vegetables, "huancaina papas" - dish of potatoes, melted cheese and lemon juice with green salad and spicy sauce, soups of lentils, beans and other legumes, soups of puree from red beans or spinach, "arroz-choclo" - a kind of porridge of rice or cereals, "carapulcra" - dried potatoes with pork, chicken and sunflower seeds.