City of the Eternal Sun

Piura Peru was founded by the Spaniards who arrived in the country. Francisco Pizarro, who, having landed on the coast in Tumbes, went to the harsh and hot desert territories. And here, among the lifeless sands, he suddenly decided to found a city, thus earning the modern day city its Peruvian nickname: "La Primera Ciudad"- meaning: the first city. Immersed in a tropical climate and beautiful golden beaches, the region of Piura is probably the best place for beach lovers who flock to the resorts to surf, bathe in the clear water and wander barefoot on white sand.

Peru tourism is becoming more and more popular with every year. And Piura is a great stop along your way across this great country. Piura is a place whose main attraction is shopping. The area has many attractions, such as the Church of St. Francis and the Cathedral in Piura. In the region, there are some attractions, including such local attractions as Plazza Armas and the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Vicus.

Places that are recommended to visit:

• Church of St. Francis

• Piura Cathedral

• Plazza Armas

• City Archaeological Museum Vicus

• Eco Park Kurt Beer

If you a Peruvian food lover, do not forget to visit some local cafes. Try Causa relleña (potato patties with chicken, avocado or crabmeat); Tamales (corn dough stuffed with meat wrapped in banana leaves), Mazamorra Morada (sweet potato jelly with corn, lemons, dried fruits, cinnamon and cloves), etc.