Travel packages in Trujillo - City of the Eternal Sun

Trujillo is a city with a warm and pleasant climate, thanks to which it received the nickname "City of the Eternal Spring". Located on the Pacific coast, it is famous for its magnificent beaches that will definitely be the highlight of your trip to Trujillo. However, the main attraction of Trujillo is its ancient history. Although the city itself was built in the colonial era, the ruins of the city of Chan-Chan, the capital of the Indian kingdom of Chimu, conquered by the Incas, bring tourist on tour to Trujillo from all over the world. In 1986, Chan-Chan got the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has preserved numerous churches, palaces, and pyramids of pre-Columbian times. During the trip to Trujillo, you will see that not only Chan-Chan but also the city itself is full of marvelous ancient buildings.

Once there was a developed Indian culture moche. Later, the powerful kingdom of Chimu, conquered by the Incas, developed here. Trujillo itself was founded in 1534 and was named after a city in Spain. Many Spanish aristocrats settled here and left a large number of palaces and villas that add another twist to the beautiful architecture of the city that you can enjoy during a tour to Trujillo. In the 1820s, Trujillo Peru housed the residence of Simon Bolivar, a fighter for the independence of the peoples of South America. That is why some people come to Peru to join the tour to Trujillo not only because it is beautiful, but also for spiritual reasons. Trujillo is located off the shore of the Pacific Ocean, in the northern part of the country, at a distance of 561 km from Lima, at the mouth of the river Moche. Today the population of the city is about 645 thousand people.

The climate in Trujillo is moderately warm; the hottest period is between May and December. However, if you choose Trujillo Peru tours with an experienced guide, any season is good for a trip to Peru. In the center of Trujillo, admire a large number of colonial buildings and churches. Every little thing around here feels like it is dripping with history. Casa de la Emancipation is a typical example of a mansion built in the 16th and 17th caves, in which most of the antique furniture has been preserved. Casa Ganosa, which means "House of Lions" got its name because at the central entrance there are sculptural images of lions. The facade of the house is decorated in baroque and rococo styles. Kalone is a colonial-style mansion, best known for being the residence of the famous revolutionary Simon Bolivar. Outside, the mansion is decorated in white and blue tones, typical city wrought-iron bars on the windows. Inside you can see the furniture that belonged to Bolivar, as well as the collection of the art of Mocha Indians.The Orbegoso mansion was once the residence of President of Peru Luis José de Orbegoso. The house was built in the early XVIII century in a colonial style. Now there is a curious collection of art objects in the mansion. The monastery and the church of El Carmen were built in 1724. Here is the museum of the Order of the Carmelites, which is known for its magnificent collection of paintings of the colonial era. In the Archaeological Museum at the local university, you can get acquainted with the past of Peru before the arrival of the Spaniards. The museum of Cassinelli also contains a very remarkable archaeological collection. However, the main attraction of Trujillo is the ruins of the ancient city of Chan Chan, the former capital of the mighty kingdom of Chimu that was conquered by another marvelous culture – Incas. Chan-chan consists of seven citadels and is surrounded by a massive clay wall, which creates a special mysterious space inside with a piercing silence. On the walls of ancient buildings, you can see elegant ornaments, images of fish, seabirds, fishing nets and the moon. The most impressive buildings are the temple of Huaca Esmeralda, the temple of the Rainbow and numerous pyramids. And if a tour to Trujillo will inspire you to research more about Chimu culture, there is a great museum that can help you with that. In 1986, Chan-Chan obtained the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The restaurants of Trujillo offer their guests a wide choice of dishes of the traditional Peruvian food. Peruvian dishes are mouth-watering and are able to surprise even an experienced foodie in general, but one still has to mention a few special meals. For example, the stewed calf, soaked in a low-alcohol beverage Chiché (Seco de cabrito con frijoles), wheat soup with pork meat and dry vegetables (shambar), stewed turkey with rice and corn (pepián de pava). Come to Peru and join a trip to Trujillo to see history come alive in front of your eyes!