Travel packages in Ayacucho - city of the churches

During your tour to Peru, the region of Ayacucho is a must-see destination that guards secrets of many prominent ancient cultures: Warpa, Wari, Chancas, Incas. Spaniards founded Ayacucho in 1539 but it gained full freedom from Spanish rule after the fearless battle in 1824. Peru visitors often cross it on the way from Lima to Cusco. Even though the main town is small, a trip to Ayacucho will make you feel like your time and energy are well spent. Near Ayacucho, there is the first human settlement in Peru. The ancient city still remembers one of the decisive battles in the struggle for Spanish independence. There are many interesting monuments of architecture and folklore sights. The main city of the region, Ayacucho is called the city of churches for a reason. During your tour to Ayacucho, you will see more than thirty churches, adorned with iconostasis and altars. It is hard to find a similar town in Peru that would match the city in this matter.

Ayacucho Peru is famous as one of the most religious centers. Traditionally large religious holidays are held in the city, especially during Holy Week and Easter. World-famous running of the bulls usually accompanies these colorful celebrations. During the festival, there is truly no other place Peru visitors who are eager for new impressions rather be.Another significant part of a trip to Ayacucho is its marvelous location. The city is gently tucked between the Andes and boasts magnificent mountain scenery.Ayacucho is traditionally famous for its skillful handicrafts and even bears the title of "Capital of Folk Art and Crafts of Peru". Therefore, you can be sure that you will bring lots of original marvelous souvenirs from a trip to Ayacucho. During a tour to Ayacucho, you will spend a lot of time gazing at the beautiful structure of temples. The quantity of temples is impressive especially taking into consideration the size of the city. First and foremost, of course, the cathedral, the pearl of every Catholic city. A modern-day tourist in Peru can only imagine the symphony of bells in the bygone era. After seeing all that for yourself there is no way you will regret your trip to Peru.

Things to do in Ayacucho include visiting Plaza de Armas of Ayacucho, an absolute must-see. Some Peru visitors say that it is an exorbitant example of colonial architecture! Eight alleys lead from the center of the square in the form of a star. Pleasant green areas, a wonderful view of the cathedral against the background of the surrounding mountains make for the best place to rest after the day of tour to Ayacucho. You will easily find an affordable and comfortable transfer to your hotel during the tour to Ayacucho since the touristic infrastructure is very much developed here and can meet all your requirements. It is recommended to spend a couple of days in Ayacucho to truly understand one of the most interesting places in Peru.

People lived in the Ayacucho area 15,000 years ago. Later, already in our millennium, on the site of the modern city was the capital of the first Andean empire, Huari, which flourished in the 6th century AD, and in 1438 it was captured by the Incas. In 1539, the Spanish conquistadors founded the city of San Juan de la Victoria, renamed Ayacucho in 1824, in honor of the battle between the Spaniards and the indigenous people, as a result of which the country gained independence. Today, without exaggeration, Ayacucho can be called the “city of churches,” there are 33 of them, one for each year of Jesus’s life. Great religious holidays are held in the city, especially during the Holy Week of Easter. These celebrations are accompanied by horse racing and the traditional running of the bulls. Also, to this day numerous old colonial buildings survived the test of time. The main town square is surrounded by buildings of the 16-18 centuries. Since the city of Ayacucho is surrounded by the Andes, tourists are greeted with magnificent landscapes, and in its vicinity they are sometimes very fantastic. 25 km from Ayacucho is an archaeological monument - Pikimachay, which is the oldest settlement in Peru, its estimated age is 20 to 12 thousand years BC. Peru tourism will not disappoint you!