Travel packages in Paracas - known as sand rain

The peninsula and the city of Paracas are famous primarily for their national park (it carries the same name) amongst the people traveling to Peru. This is a vast area of ​​the desert, islands, beaches, and rocks on the Pacific coast, 250 km from Lima and 15 km from the city of Pisco. This reserve is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and has become home to rare animals: flamingos, pelicans, penguins, dolphins, fur seals and others. Nature lovers will be in awe during a trip to Paracas.

One of the most important Paracas tourist attractions of the region is, of course, the national park. It does not look like the parks that most visitors of Peru used to: most of its territory is not turbulent vegetation, but terracotta dunes, that is why driving jeeps here is a very popular entertainment during a trip to Paracas. The landscapes that you will see during your tour to Paracas are absolutely incredible - yellow sand and blue water! All animals in the reserve live near the ocean coast. You will get to see a colony of sea lions, seagulls, albatrosses, boobies and all kinds of fish in the water during your trip to Paracas. The island of Ballestas is called the local Galapagos, primarily because of a similar fauna. One may notice some sandy beaches during their trip to Paracas. However, it is too cold for swimming all around a year because of the cold ocean currents, but they are very beautiful and almost deserted.

The best things to do in Paracas Peru include visiting popular site - the so-called candelabrum – an image of a giant trident on a sand dune. Its length is more than 120 meters which always manages to surprise the visitors of Peru. This geoglyph resembles images of the Nazca desert, but its origin is still unclear to scientists. It is worth to visit the historical museum of the city of Paracas, which presents a lot of exhibits that will tell about the history and life of Peruvians. If you are not easily creeped out and love history, visit the famous Paracas mummies, which were discovered during excavations of the local Necropolis, during your trip to Paracas. It consisted of a large number of burial chambers in which the mummies were tied to their place and wrapped in a cloth decorated with luxurious ornaments.

In the restaurants of the city of Paracas, you can taste traditional Peruvian food and the freshest fish and seafood that made the western coast of the Pacific Ocean even more popular amongst travelers to Peru. There are fish restaurants in Paracas Park itself, but the prices there are higher than the average for the region. It is necessary to taste the national drink pisco (strong alcohol from Peruvian grapes), as well as taste local dishes: sopa seca – a noodle soup, beef and poultry meat, carapulcra - sun-dried potatoes mixed with pork, pepper and ground nuts or just any fish dish, because visiting Peru and not trying it out is absolutely unimaginable.

The tour to Paracas will be the highlight of your time in Peru and there is no way it will leave you indifferent.