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The main city of the region with the same name, Ica or City of eternal sun is located in a fertile valley, drowning in vineyards. This whole area has long been famous for its winemaking. Here once the producing of the famous pisco started, which eventually became Peru's national drink that you definitely need to try during one of your visits to Peru. There are two famous museums in Ica that are highlights of tour to Ica. One of them is a museum of mummies from the pre-Columbian era. The second is the museum of Dr. Cabrera represents the largest collection of unique Ica Stones with drawings on them. Ica is also viewed as the cradle of Afro-African art of Peru, which is quite logical, because in the colonial period a large colony of slaves from Africa was brought here, who brought their national distinctive features to the music and cuisine of Peru. Such an unusual fusion of cultures and traditions makes the tour to Ica unusually attractive for tourists.

A trip to Ica Peru has a lot to offer to history and mystery lovers. The territory of modern Ica at various times was the center of three Indian civilizations of the pre-Inca period: Ica, Nazca and Paracas. All of them existed and developed here in the V-XV centuries before the arrival of the Incas on these lands. During this period, these cultures reached the highest for that time the development of science and technology. They created a rational irrigation system, made fabrics and fishing gear, and also made objects and jewelry from metal, wood and precious stones. However, with the strengthening and development of the Inca Empire, these peoples could not avoid their expansion. For example, one of the most talked about in media sites of Peru is the Nazca lines. They were created by the highly developed Nazca civilization in between 500 BC and 500 CE. The climate in this area is extremely arid, which allowed the drawings to survive so well to this day and be the part of the heritage of Peru. The technique for creating drawings was as follows: the dark upper layer was cut from the soil, exposing the lower, much brighter. You will be able to see the drawings and signs of the Nazca desert during your trip to Ica either from the air or from the mountain nearby- and only at a certain time of the year and hour. Apparently, that period was sacred and at such a time, the locals came here to talk with the spirits of their ancestors.

The site is so talked about amongst visitors of Peru and scientist that some of them speculate that it may be used as the landing site for alien ships. A tour to Ica will definitely give you something to think about for a long time.

The aqueducts that were built around 550 BC is another man made wonder of Peru. Their age does not stop them from functioning even now, helping to irrigate fields in the valley. The aqueducts pass underground at a depth of almost 12 meters and direct the water of the mountain springs down to Nazca, through underground channels, which can be accessed by special spiral descents. They were used to make it easier to clean the channels of dirt, grass and leaves. Modern traveler to Ica Peru can only imagine what hard work went into building it.The aqueducts are located about 4 km from the city so you will have the chance to explore them during your trip to Ica. All channels (a total of 36) are made in the form of the Latin letter S. This helped to restrain the flow of water in the period of heavy rains. Speaking about this archetypal structure, we can safely say that, despite their huge age, they will stand for another century and a millennium. Los Paredones is for people who are in love with the monuments of ancient culture and who see in the gray stone a living embodiment of history, has a great historical and cultural significance: after all, here are the ruins of the ancient city of the Inca Empire. This site will be definitely a big hit among history lovers during trip to Ica.

The city is a ruin of a structure similar to rooms or terraces with stone foundations and walls. Probably, this is the best place to feel the ancient history on Ica tours, to feel the energy of the city, to plunge into the world hitherto unknown and powerful.