Travel packages in Ancash - The highest mountain in Peru huascaran

Ancash Peru - administrative and religious center of the Chavín Culture.Ancash Peru flaunts its wide range of tourist attractions. A tourist in Peru who is fond of Mother Nature will have the time of their life wandering around lakes, valleys, beaches, snow-capped mountains. Unique flora and fauna will make the trip to Ancash an unforgettable experience. The region has an area of 35.826 square kilometers and a population estimates up to 1 063 459. Capital and must-see destination of a trip to Peru, Huaraz Peru is located 3,100 meters above sea level.

The cultural richness of Ancash is intoxicating – this is the destination for active adventures, whose main goal of the tour to Ancash is memories which will last you a lifetime.

This region of Peru goes back to 400-600 BC. The Chavin civilization treasured religion and mastered the trade of ceramic and stone sculpture. Its fearless warriors fought back against Incas who were looking for new territories. Ancash offers many delights to a traveler during the trip to Peru. In the Republic of Peru, in the middle of black and white alpine ridges, there is an old picturesque city - ancient Huaraz. It is located near the Andean mountain range, it stretches through the longest highway in the world - Pan-American Highway. Although Huaras is a small town, it is the general administrative center of the Ankash State Department. It is inhabited by about 120 thousand people.The pearl of Ancash region, Huaraz has hotels and restaurants that will satisfy even an experienced traveler. It has one of the most impressive mountain ranges in Peru and the world. If you are a big fan of sports adventures, you will like the spirit of this city. The streets are buzzing with people who just returned from hikes. A good authentic bar will top off your adventures during the tour to Ancash and help you relax and fully enjoy the beautiful vibes of the city.

And if you want some more from tour to Peru, do not forget about Yungay. A little neat town may not have as many attractions as the rest of the cities that you will see during the tour to Ancash, but the landscape and the Lagoon of LLanguanuco, boasting marvelous blue waters certainly make up for typical touristic places. When you are taking in the crisp mountain air, while being surrounded by the richness of nature, it is hard to believe that earthquake once almost buried the city completely. If you have a little more time and desire for adventures in Peru, do not forget about the archeological complex of Chavin of Huantar. Many years ago, this was an important religious and cultural center. The Old Temple (eighth to third century BC) is preserved so well, you can almost hear an echo of the bygone times of Peru. In addition, if you still are not satisfied with Peru tourism, visit Huascaran National Park. In the park, there are more than 660 glaciers and about 300 lakes, as well as the highest mountain peaks of the country, including the highest point of Peru and the fourth highest in South America - Mount Huascaran, 6768 meters above sea level.

During the trip to Ancash, you have to not only see the culture but also taste it. Ancash can certainly surprise you with a range of typical flavors of Peruvian food with a local twist. Picante de cuy is a barbecued guinea pig stew, hot peppers compliment the taste of meat and add a spicy note. If you are a fan of more traditional meat, you can try out cuchicance – juicy roasted pork meat that is traditionally served with potatoes and corn. If you want something hot – order Llunca kashki con gallina – a delicious traditional chicken broth. Vegetarians can also find something to their taste during the trip to Ancash. For example humitas – steamed fresh corn cakes that can be either sweet or salty. The tour to Ancash truly does have something for everyone.