The most important river port in Peru

The charming city of Iquitos, Peru is one of the most important cities of Peru on the Amazon coast. It received such name in the honor of the tribe, who have lived here since the dawn of times. The heyday of Iquitos came at the end of the XIX century when the region drowned in rubber fever. The city has even preserved buildings built by rubber magnates. Taitalindo trip to Iquitos will be perfect for history lovers and adventurous people. Iquitos is a starting point of Peru for exploring primordial jungles, where Indians who still lead a traditional way of life live. You will be swept off your feet by the originality and uniqueness of the souvenirs that you can bring back from a trip to Iquitos. Belen weekly market sells drinks from shamans, Indian handicrafts and you even get to order a crocodile, snake or jaguar skin. In addition, tour to Iquitos is the perfect place in Peru to try out original local cuisine.

Iquitos was founded in 1757 as the Jesuit mission of San Pablo. It began to grow in the XIX century after the people began to come from all the walks of life to Peru because of the rubber boom. During this period, many majestic mansions, such as the Iron House, designed by Gustave Eiffel were built. After the advent of artificial rubber, the growth of Iquitos economy declined. Tours in Iquitos usually include a lot of sightseeing. For example, the Iron House, located five minutes away from the main square of Iquitos, was purchased in 1889 by the owner of the rubber plantations Anselmo del Aguila at the World Exhibition in Paris. In the Municipal Museum, there is a fine collection of animals and souvenirs of local production. In the Museum of Amazonico, there is a collection of sculptures of various tribes of the Peruvian Amazon, as well as Brazil and Venezuela in full size.

Cool things to do in Peru also include visiting a gallery of the Peruvian artist C├ęsar Calvo de Araujo, depicting native places of Peru and their inhabitants. The tourist complex of Quistococha is a 15-minute drive from Iquitos. There is a museum, an aquarium, a small zoo, alluring trails near the lake, and a small pier, which rents small boats, a tourist restaurant, a collection of birds and a children's playground. A half an hour's drive from the city is the botanical garden of Huayo and it is perfect for long walks and visits to local Aboriginal farms during the trip to Iquitos.

Another big part of any journey is food and trip a tour to Iquitos is no exception. In local cafes and restaurants, you can taste Peruvian food, such as a palm leaf salad, fish wrapped in banana leaves and fried in the fire, as well as a variety of tropical fruits, including papaya, melon, agua, taperiba, banana, cocoon and guava. If you are a foodie, you will be very happy you have chosen to come on the tour to Peru. Tourists come on a tour to Iquitos to travel through the humid rainforests that offer excellent opportunities for hiking. The city is a starting point for daily trips to the jungle or excursions by boats on the rivers of the region are sent daily. During the trip, you can see a variety of flora and fauna of the countryside; in addition, right in the jungle, several boarding houses are opened, where tourists can relax.

A visit to Iquitos will make your trip to Peru worth it!