Book tour to Machu Picchu - Ancient ruins

Machu Picchu is a mystery tucked away in the rocky countryside and it have not been solved. Its history is tangled so much that the true purpose of a gorgeous “Lost City” is still unknown up to this day. Some scientists are hung up on the idea of it being a royal estate or a sacred religious site. However, even back then the place was incredibly hidden and protected. One must have traveled long valleys and go through numerous checks to be able to get in the city located at 2350 m.

For many years, after the Spanish invaders ruined Incas civilization in the sixteenth century, only peasants who lived nearby knew the city. It was until Hiram Bingham came around and discovered the city scientifically. However, many people argue that Machu Picchu was not forgotten after all. When the expedition stumbled upon the site, three families of farmers were living there.

Nowadays, tourists from all around the world come to gaze at its splendid stone monuments. It is said that during construction of more than 150 building of which city consists no wheels were used. Fifty pounds worth of heavy stones were pushed up the mountainside by men. Whatever you end up doing – be a lucky one who gets to climb Huayna Picchu or even visit the Temple of the Moon – you will surely be blown away by the atmosphere of the authentic Inca culture.