Travel packages in Chiclayo - The city of friendship

One of the most multilaterally developed cities in Peru, which combines a huge economic potential with a historic heritage of truly world-wide importance, is the city of Chiclayo Peru. This metropolis occupies the north-western part of the state, being in close proximity to the borders with Colombia and Ecuador. At the same time, the location of Chiclayo practically on the Pacific coast makes it one of the most popular recreational areas in Peru. Being only a small provincial town very recently, today Chiclayo is the largest industrial and business center, in which there is a developed network of industrial manufactures for the production of fabrics, leather and building materials.

There is also a food industry represented by rice-cleaning, sugar industries and the production of condensed milk. Megapolis is surrounded by vast fields, where cotton, rice and sugar cane are cultivated. In its scale and importance, Chiclayo ranks fourth in the list of all the cities of Peru, being second only to such cities as Lima, Trujillo and Arequipa. Among other things, the city is also one of the most important transport hubs in the country. Near Chiclayo is an airport of international importance. Megapolis is located at the intersection of many highways, the main one being the Pan-American Highway. Bus routes connect Chiclayo with most major cities of the state. The population of the megalopolis has already exceeded 500 thousand people, most of whom are representatives of the indigenous peoples of Peru. Friendliness is the most characteristic feature of the local population.Chiclayo travel became so popular recently because of the hospitality of this city.

It is known not only in the country, but also beyond its borders. This is why Chiclayo is often called the "capital of friendship". It is noteworthy that the geography of the city had a significant impact on its history. The fact is that the location of Chiclayo in relation to nearby and remote areas was considered by many tribes living here as strategically important. Here trading routes from the Pacific Ocean, descending from the highlands of the Andes and aspiring from the Amazon Selva, have long been converging. These days it became a prerequisite for the rapid development of the region's economy, but in the past centuries this was the reason for the constant conflicts and land redistribution. The origin of the name "Chiclayo" is explained by two hypotheses. The first of these is associated with the "chiclayep" that grows here. Another version suggests that the word is taken from the language of the Moche tribe and is translated as "a place with green branches".There are so many interesting attractions since its fascinating history could not but leave a trace in architecture and other historical memoirs. Rich cultural heritage of the resort make it so popular and attractive for tourists from around the world. Within the city limits, it is worth to look at the Neoclassical Cathedral.

Outside, this building is decorated with graceful arches, and inside - a carved crucifix of fine work. One of the national historical monuments - the chapel of Veronica, built in the XIX century, striking with its interior decoration with silver elements and gilding. However, the greatest treasure for the history of Peru are the tombs and various artifacts of the pre-Inca period, found near Chiclayo. So a few kilometers from the city was discovered a tomb, which belongs to the ancient culture of Sican. This monument belongs to the pre-Columbian era and represents two dozen crypts, in which, according to scientists, the representatives of the nobility of the tribe were buried. Silver and gold jewelry were also found in the burial grounds. The tomb of Sipan is also of considerable interest to the lovers of antiquity. Discovered in 1987, it has become a unique discovery for scientists, since most of the objects found here have remained remarkably well, and the abundance of various artifacts has opened up vast opportunities for studying the ancient cultures of this area. Here, in a variety of products were found from gold and silver, jewelry, ceramics and crafts made of wood. Recently, a museum was opened here, built in the shape of a large pyramid. Things to do in Chiclayo also include visiting The National Archaeological Museum of Browning. It is located almost in the territory of Chiclayo, presents a huge exposition of precious metal products, jewelry, textiles and household items belonging to local cultures, the development history of which totals 4 thousand years.

Peruvian food lovers will be happy with local cuisine, presented in numerous restaurants and small café. It is distinguished by originality and an unusual combination of ingredients. The most exotic dishes include Cebiche de conchas negras, made from lemon of black oysters marinated in juice, and bananas, dressed with seafood sauce.