Valley of Canta Quives-Obrajillo

Obrajillo surrounded by beautiful mountains and vegetation
2 days   1 nights

 2 days 1 night 

1 Santa Rosa de Quives

Breakfast. We begin our guided tour bound for the famous Checta petroglyphs; in the lines on stone are stylized drawings of animals, human hunting, and other elements of the cosmos and others that appear somewhat abstract to many interpretations. We visit to Beata Limeña Santa Rosa de Lima Sanctuary in Quives. This is one of the most traditional places of pilgrimage of the Catholic people, especially 30th of August each year. Innumerable devotees of the saint visit her sanctuary on that date. Similarly you will come to see the famous "Wishing Well", where you can place your letter asking for your wishes of the Saint of Lima. Along the road you will see amazing landscapes, such as crops of corn, cauliflower, broccoli, let alone the few herds of goats and sheep which on their return to their pens in the afternoons, occupy part of the roadway. Also there are villages all the way, highlighting the churches and houses painted with ocher.

2 Obrajillo

Time to eat and enjoy the typical local food at a good restaurant Then we walk through the sunny valley of Obrajillo, a village belonging to the Municipality of Canta in the central Andes, in the department of Lima. Access from the city of Lima is very busy. Obrajillo is 105 km North West from the capital, Lima on the Canta highway. Lima is warm during the day and cold at night. The season from May to September has a dry climate (although humid) with a small possibility of light rain; the rest of the year it hot and humid. The average temperature during the day is 18 to 25 º C, at night from 8 to 15. To finish our tour we will visit the fish farm and Lugle waterfall. Optional: Horseback riding. Return to the city of Lima.


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