Tours Lachay hills and Chancay castle

Enjoy the history and architecture of the chancay castle
3 days   2 nights

 3 days 2 nights 

1 Day 1 Arrival in Lima

Arrival in Lima, assistance and transfer to the hotel. Free time to relax and acclimatize.

2 Day 2 Chancay Castle, Lachay Hills - Eco Truly Park.

Breakfast. We leave bound for ChancayCastle which is a medieval-style castle, dating from the forties and was built on a rocky cliff on the Beaches of Chancay. Its creator was Doña Consuelo Amat y León de Boggio, great granddaughter of the Viceroy Don Manuel Amat, Juniet Ponella and Almerch. Doña Consuelo, married to the famous knight Don Rómulo Boggio, was a lady of great artistic sensitivity, for within her talents include that of being a poet as she has written about 400 poems. It was in 1935 that she decided to build the Hotel Villa Mother of Pearl, which would be a hostel for visitors who would come to spend the summer from the city of Lima. A few years later, in the year 40, was begun the construction of this castle, which was designed by herself. Arriving in the city of Chancay, we appreciate the desert bathed in mist, where the hills of Lachay, declared a reserve in 1977, with an area of 5070 hectares, await us. In the hills of Lachay 74 species of plants have been registered, 25 of these which are on the way to extinction. Among the most notable species are the mythical "papaya wild", “the stick, ” “the tare” and “nettle”, which cover the reserve with bright yellow flowers. Also you can observe numerous “gramineas” (plants). The most abundant mammals are the rodents, although other species can also be found such as coastal foxes, skunks and peruvian hare.

In the reserve there are about 55 species of birds belonging to 16 families, including: the sand owl, partridge, american kestrels and various species of hummingbirds. In general, several species of both flora and fauna, many of them endemic such as the Turtupilin bird and other migratory species can be seen a few times a year. The hills of Lachay bloom in the months of July to October, when we can appreciate their rocky geography, stunning flora and fauna, cave paintings while walking along the local paths. We also visit the Interpretation Centre which will give a complete idea of the importance of this important ecosystem, the remains of the Chancay culture and we climb to the lookout to appreciate the beautiful splendor of the hills of Lachay Time to sample Peruvian food. Then we will go to The Eco Truly Park which is a beautiful ecological community, artistic and self-sustaining, where residents and volunteers live together based on principles of nonviolence and universal love. Our visitors can experience and learn that it is possible to live happily in harmony with nature and other people. The architecture and community values are inspired in part by the mystical teachings of India. There are similar projects in nearby countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil. Not only is a community of homes, but a complete architectural complex in an area of 3. 5 hectares with various environments to have an unforgettable experience. There are areas of meditation, energy buildings for anti stress therapies, games for children, vegetarian cooking center, integrated bakery and more. Overnight stay in Eco Truly Park

3 Day 3 Departure

Return to Lima


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