Lunahuana Culture and Entertainment

Lunahuaná is land of charms and adventure
2 days   1 nights

2 days 1 night

1 Lunahuana

We leave for Lunahuana travelling through the American South to 144 km, then arrive in San Vicente, the capital of the province of Cañete, where we will appreciate the Main Plaza and surrounds of Lunahuana. Being in the Cañete Valley we will see remains of the ancient Inca Trail was built in the time of Pachacutec. Passing the pier Lunahuana we arrive at Pacaran, a beautiful village surrounded by its countryside, known as the land of eternal spring, which produces excellent wine and good Pisco.

We will acquaint ourselves with the main square, accompanied by her Mother Church built in the sixteenth century. Time to eat and enjoy the typicallocal food at a good restaurant Continuing the tour we go to Catapalla, a place where we will come to know its famous suspension bridge of 1915, which will take us to an artisan wine cellar more 100 years old in order to understand the process of making wine and pisco and to learn about their small shrimp farm. In the same cellar we will enjoy a tasting of their wines and, continuing the tour will visit a bee farm where we will see the bee hives from which honey is extracted, honey which you can sample and buy. Finally, you can ride a horse or descend to the river.

2 Lunahuana Rafting

We will stroll to a special and unforgettable adventure where we will participate in the famous sport that characterizes this place: rapid water rafting, which will be an experience that you will never forget. Incahuasi Archaeological site, inEnglish "House of the Inca", will be our next place to visit. It is the most important and strategic city built by the Incas in Lunahuana Valley, located in small village of Paullo, at the 30km mark on the road to Yauyos. The place was built to be the general quarters of the Inca, Tupac Yupanqui, and the material used was stone. Three sectors or neighbourhoods can be distinguished: Inca section, Religious Quarter and the Inca Palace. return to Lima


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