Tour Charming Lima

Museum of Anthropology, the oldest in Peru
4 days   3 nights

4 days 3 nights

2 City Tour


We start the tour guided by the most important places and attractions of Lima, "City of Kings. "The tour includes tour of the Historic Center of Lima, Main Plaza, Government Palace, Cathedral, Archbishop’s Palace, Municipal palace, Central Reserve Bank museum*, where you can appreciate the treasures of Peru: a fine selection of gold objects, ceramics and textiles of various pre-Columbian cultures, from their origins to the Incas, which captivate and impress visitors. We continue to the Santo Domingo Church, where we discover the tombs of Santa Rosa and San Martin de Porres, and then to Lima's Colonial Balconies. Later we will visit the Convent and Church of San Francisco, the greatest monumental complex of Colonial Art in America and Cultural Heritage Site. The tour includes a visit to the Basilica of 21 altars, Convent of the cloisters, Clementine Chapter house, choir, library of the monks, museum that displays 11 canvas paintings of the Rubens School, the Sacristy with canvas paintings by Zurbaran and Rivera, great patio decorated with Seville tiles of XVI Century, Moorish arches and underground catacombs, which were formerly a large public cemetery, and finally we visit the San Martin Plaza. Time to sample Peruvian food at a good restaurant. (by passengers) We go to the district of Barranco, located alongside the sea on the south side of Lima about 20 minutes from the Main Plaza where we visit Barranco Plaza, Library, Town Hall, Bridge of Sighs, Monuments José Antonio Lavalle and Chabuca Granda, "The Hermitage"Church, Bajada bathrooms Lookout, Electricity Museum, also recalling past years, we will take a pleasant ride by tram and pass by the Pedro de Osma Museum. Then we go to the district of Chorrillos where we visit Mount Solar, a natural viewpoint of the Bay of Lima, where you can appreciate the urban landscape and seascape of much of the city of Lima and the southern beaches. At the top is a monument to the Unknown Soldier, a famous symbol of the Defense of Lima, which represents the anonymous soldiers who died defending their country during the infamous war with Chile and we also visit the solar planetary museum which is a multimedia auditoriumwhich presents the Lima celestial vault and astronomical phenomena that occur in the universe. Afterwards we will continue to “Friar Jump”, which tells a story from twenty years ago, the legend coming to life on ‘La Herradura’ beach: Fernando Canchari, dressed in a cassock, threw himself from the highest point into the imposing sea. Return to the hotel Overnight stay.

3 Pueblo Libre


We go to the Museum of Anthropology, Archaeology and History of Peru - Pueblo Libre. This is the oldest state museum of our country and constitutes the State headquarters of the National Museums network. Its importance lies in the vast and varied cultural heritage housed, its exhibition halls and displays of ceramics, textiles, metals, organic material and lithographs related to invaluable human remains preserved by techniques that surprise even experts, make up our legacy of our pre-Hispanic past. This is the only museum in the country which presents in its permanent exhibition the most complete chronological narrative sequence, ranging from the first settlers to our republican era, in addition with pre-Hispanic technology thematic exhibitions. We continue our journey to the archaeological center of Pachacamac, an ancient Pre-Columbian pilgrimage site, dominating the fertile valley of Lurin and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The temple built 700 BC primarily to worship the Sun God, but also of the moon, is made almost entirely of mud bricks, and consists of Pachacamac idol, along with temples, enclosures and catacombs, which have been recently restored. It is considered that this was a major ceremonial centre of pre-Inca era. The pilgrims came here from far away to worship Pachacamac, the creator of the world and its creatures. The part best preserved is the Inca section which houses an interesting collection of pre-Hispanic relics. Return to the hotel. Overnight.

4 Departure

Breakfast Transfer to the bus station.


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