Tour Beautiful North- Cultural

Enjoy in the north of Peru
7 days   6 nights

 7 days 6 nights 

1 Day 1 Chiclayo Royal Tombs museum

AM Reception and transfer to hotel.

PM Visit to the Royal Tombs Museum where you can appreciate the exhibition resulting from the excavation of the tombs of the Lord of Sipan and the Old Lord of Sipan. The exhibition is presented in a didactic way in the most modern and impressive Museum of South America, directed by archaeologist Dr. Walter Alba

2 Day 2 Chiclayo - Tucume - Trujillo

AM: breakfast. In the morning tours Huaca Rajada discovery place of lord of sipan, Museo of Huaca Rajada. In the afternoon we visit the Túcume Archaeological Complex or Valley of the Pyramids. Transfer to the bus station bound for the city of Trujillo. Approximate travel time 3 hours. Arrival in Trujillo, reception and transfer to your hotel

3 Day 3 Archaeological Zone of Chan-Chan - Pyramids of Sunand Moon - Huaraz

AM Breakfast.

We visit the famous archeological site of Chan Chan, located 44 km from the city of Trujillo, The ruins, mainly made of clay, consist of nine palaces which were the residence of the rulers of the Chimu kingdom, an ancient Peruvian culture. The ruins are considered to be the largest adobe city in the world declared by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Later visit the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon which are imposing structures of adobe of 200AD, situated 4 km from the city Trujillo, up to 45 meters in height and rise up as a lookout across the valley of Moche. Transfer to the bus station for connection to the city of Huaraz. Travel time approximately 8 hours.

4 Day 4 Huaraz -Callejon de Huaylas-Llanganuco Lagoon


Arrival to Huaraz, reception and transfer to hotel.

09:00 Start of the excursion to the Huaylas Valley in which the tour will visit the towns of Caraz, Yungay and Campo Santo and finally visit Llanganuco Lagoon where you can observe the impressive turquoise water. Return to the city and transfer to hotel.

5 Day 5 Huaraz / Chavin de Huantar

AM Breakfast.

After breakfast we begin our all day excursion to the Archaeological Complex of Chavin de Huantar where you can see carved stone heads, the Monolithic Lanzon, underground labyrinths, etc. Return to the city, transfer to hotel

6 Day 6 Huaraz - City Tour and Monterey Baths

AM Breakfast.

A journey through the main arteries of the city visiting ‘Soledad’ Church, José Olaya Street (a historical street of Huaraz), the fish farm (trout farm) and finally the medicinal thermal baths of Monterrey whose temperatures are around 50° C. They are said by the locals to alleviate rheumatic and nervous conditions. The place has an adequate infrastructure of pools as well as individual and family baths. Bring swimwear. Return to hote.l

7 Day 7 Huaraz Lima

AM Breakfast.

At an appropriate time, transfer to bus station for the return to Lima.


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