"A mausoleum, pertaining to the Chachapoyas culture, built at the entrance of a cave.

The red and white paint is a common style on mausoleums of the Chachapoyas culture and can be found at many other sites with Chachapoyan tombs. One of the most famous examples are the mausoleums at Laguna de los Condores

The mausoleum and the cave were used to intern various mummies that belonged to the same ayllu of the area.

Caves were sacred places for many prehispanic cultures and the Chachapoyas culture also used them for rituals and funerary purposes. Many mummies and other human remains can be found within the caves of the territories that the Chachapoya once inhabited. In some cases the caves were modified with constructions, more commonly at their entrances, but also other parts of the cave as well."