Cruising Lake Titicaca (Full Day Tour)

The highest lake of the world
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1 Full day Uros taquiles

6:40 am Transfer hotel – port to visit one of the Floating Islands of Uros (5 km west of the Port of Puno, 20 minutes by boat), unique in the world, made with a base of Totora (a herbaceous water plant), and inhabited by Uros families – Aymaras who build and cover their homes with Totora mats. The Uros are known as the “People of the Lake” and their origins date back to before the time of the Incas.

The community continues ancient practices such as traditional fishing and wild bird hunting. The Uros men are skilled at navigating Totora rafts and the women are experts at knitting and weaving. From there, we continue in boat to explore ruins on the Island of Taquile (35 km east of the Port of Puno, 3 hours by boat) which date back to Pre-Incan times and are located at the highest point of the island. Taquile is known for itsfriendly inhabitants, who conserve their customs, traditions and dress. The locals are also known for their fine detailed textiles with symbolic, symmetrical designs in bright colors, which reflect their lifestyle, customs and Andean beliefs. Traditional lunch on the Island of Taquile.

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