Enormous Cajamarca Tour

known for the celebration of the Carnival
4 days   3 nights

4 days 3 nights   

1 Cajamarca City tour

03:00 We begin a CITY TOUR where we will come know the most important sites such as the Main Plaza, San Francisco Church, Cathedral which is characterized by its impressive facade carved in volcanic rock, the historical Bethlehem Hospital of the colonial era, Archaeological, Ethnographic and Religious Museum, in addition to the ransom room was twice filled with silver and gold by the Inca, Atahualpa, Santa Apolonia Hill, a splendid natural viewpoint from which we gain dominating views of the city, the Valley and "La Silla del Inca"(Chair of the Inca). Return to hotel and overnight stay.

2 Cajamarca - Otuzco Windows - Colpa - Cajamarca

09:00 Breakfast.

09:30 Excursion to the Fundo los Alpes where milk products(cheese, butter, yogurt) are produced and enjoyed and where we will enjoy a Peruvian dancing horse display, ‘Tres Molinos’, Hydrangeas Garden, Otuzco Windows(a Great pre-Inca necropolis which is characterized by crypts dug into cliffs of volcanic rock), suspension bridge. 13:00: Typical lunch. 14:30: We will continue our trip to the Colpa where they call each cow by its name milking, then Llacanora, a typical village of our high country, Callacpuma caves where there are examples of rock art dating to 7, 000 BC Later we continue to the Inca baths (including the Inca well), medicinal hot water springs which emerge at 82°C which is also a historical zone where the Spanish first caught sight of Atahualpa (15 November 1532). Another of the reasons the Incas came here was that it was a place of rest and relaxation for him. Return to hotel and overnight stay.

3 Cajamarca Cumbe Mayo - Cajamarca

08:30 Breakfast.

09:00  Excursion to archaeological site of Cumbe Mayo located at 3, 500 meters above sea level. On the way we will stop at the Bellavista Lookout to view the valley of Cajamarca in all its magnitude, then Layzon, an archaeological zone dating back 500 BC. , the forest reserve of the National University of Cajamarca, and then, finally, we enter the area of Cumbe Mayo where you can see the "Stone Forest"with mysterious and whimsical forms of rocks that resemble a procession monks, animals, etc. We continue with a visit to the shrine inscribed with petroglyphs, the ‘Tunnel of Desires’, ceremonial altars, sacrificial stones and the aqueduct of Cumbe Mayo. This aqueduct has existed for more than 3, 000 years, a great unique pre Columbian hydraulic engineering work of America with channel points derived from the slope waters of the Pacific to the Atlantic. This work presents structures of rock at right angles to control the force of friction, tunnels, and bridges, etc. ; reaching Cajamarca crossing the dividing line of the waters with a total length of 9, 000 meters. Return to Hotel.

4 Cajamarca-Lima

09:00 Breakfast

Morning free for personal activities. At the appropriate time, transfer to the bus station or airport. Return to Lima.


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