Actually not only Machu Picchu is the most visited place in Peru, there is a place called Kuelap that is located north of Peru in the city of Chachapoyas.

The ideal dates to visit kuelap are

• The months of April and October are the most favorable because the rainy season decreases

• From the 1st to the 7th of June, the Chachapoyas Tourist Week is held, a season in which you can enjoy the delicious cuisine of the place and learn more about its traditions

• Another option is to do it in the Patronal Feast of the Lord of Gualamita (September 10 to 15). In that season the inhabitants perform activities and celebrations that will make you feel at home.


To visit this fortress you need to start from Chachapoyas. From Lima the trip will take you from 21 to 24 hours approximately. You can also travel by plane to Chiclayo and then take a bus to the place. Or you can travel by plane to Jaen.

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